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Monday, June 25, 2018

Museum Of The Moving Image, Part 2

A few weeks ago, when we were in New York waiting to welcome our first grandchild into the world, we visited the Museum Of The Moving Image in Astoria, Queens.  If you are ever in this area, I highly recommend checking it out.  We had such a good time here learning about everything from the history of the moving image to the new genres of online video.  The Jim Henson Exhibition, one of the permanent exhibitions, was so entertaining and interesting that we wound up spending more time than we expected here but we got to enjoy every inch of it (read about it here).   This museum had many outstanding exhibitions, with lots of hands on opportunities, but because we spent so much time with The Muppets, we couldn't see it all in the time we had.   We will happily have to go back one day.

We finally did exit the Jim Henson Exhibition, and to our left we found Tut's Fever movie theater.  The Muppet Show was the featured movie on the day we went.  We were greeted by the concession lady when we entered.

The namesake of the theater had his own display behind the auditorium.  Joe scared the #### out of me when he flipped the switch that opened the tomb.  I was not expecting that at all!  We watched an episode of The Muppet Show, with a few other people, in this theater that holds up to 35.

We thoroughly enjoyed the museum's collection of over 1,400 artifacts scattered throughout.  Me and Soko are old enough to remember having some of these things in our homes!  I loved seeing the first televisions.  I can still picture my dad sitting in front of the tiny television screen which was surrounded by a cabinet that was 100 times larger than the TV set itself.

Some of the first machines for viewing moving images are displayed here and available to interact with.  Thankfully, I can say me and Soko are way too young to know anything about any of these machines.

We did have some of these toys growing up and Soko remembers packing his lunch in his tin lunchbox.  I had lunch at home when I attended elementary school so never needed a lunchbox but I'm sure I would have liked to have The Monkees decorating mine!   Shirley Temple dolls and games are always things I expect to see in toy collections like this.  It was fun to see what other shows and movies were popular enough to have a game or toy made with their likeness.

It doesn't seem like that long ago when video games gradually started taking the place of pinball machines.  The museum had a nice collection of the first video games that started the turnover and me and Joe could have spent more time here but there was so much more to see.  P.S.  I never got past the first screen of Donkey Kong!

If you've ever wondered how the head of the Chewbacca costume was made, or how special facial features are created or if you would like to view the life mask made of this famous actor for The Godfather III movie, you can find it all at this museum.

There is a great collection of costumes on display and it was fun recognizing some of them without having to read the info under them.  

                    (Mrs. Doubtfire)                                                     (Miami Vice)

We actually had two equally favorite exhibitions at the museum.  The first being the Jim Henson Exhibition and the second the Live Television Exhibition.  Here we got a look at what happens in the live control room of a baseball game.  What made this exhibit even more entertaining for us is that it featured our team the Mets!   We couldn't feel less than totally impressed with how director Bill Webb could watch 12 or more screens all at the same time, then, sounding almost like an auctioneer, directing which camera's video should be showing on the main screen.  It was really incredible.

I think that you could possibly enjoy this entire museum in a day, if you had a full day to spend here.  We passed quickly through the computer-based interactive experiences and a couple of exhibits because we hadn't planned on spending more than 3 hours here.  

If you are in this area and would be up for having a few hours of educational, hands-on fun, visit the Museum Of The Moving Image!  And if you are hungry after your visit, we recommend going around the corner to Studio Square for some delicious bar food and pitcher of ice cold beer!

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  1. This sounds like a place I would really love to visit! I'm sure I would spend a lot of time in the Muppets section too - I have a real soft spot for them! I definitely hope to visit the Museum of the Moving Image in New York one day - and I like your idea for what to do afterwards as well! Thank you so much for sharing, and for being a part of the Hearth and Soul Link Party. Happy 4th of July to you and yours!

  2. Hope you get a chance to go, especially if you are a fan of the muppets. And yes, go around the corner for some delicious food and drinks! I heard they make yummy sangria too!

  3. Wow what a fun place to visit. I am definitely adding this place to my list of places to go if I make it that way. Thanks for sharing on To Grandma's House We Go!

    1. Hope you get a chance to go one day. It is worth the trip!

  4. How cool. Next time I'm in NYC I'll go out to Astoria and check it out!I love movies and all the history about them so I'm pinning this. Visiting you at This is how we roll where I shared Vegan Coleslaw Quick Healthy Tasty

    1. Plan to spend several hours there to enjoy everything this museum has to offer. PS Your recipe sounds delicious and healthy. I will be going to the party to see it!