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We (I’m Cathy and hubby is Soko) worked hard in the workforce and also raised three children who are now amazing adults, each of whom were lucky enough to find their soulmates and move out of our nest. So, about two years ago, we decided to retire from the workforce and leave our empty nest and haven’t regretted our decision one bit. We are enjoying the life retirement affords us. We are now on our own schedule and never have to worry about setting the alarm clock so that we will make it on time for work. Now our time is spent mostly on planning or doing things we enjoy. Of course there is “work” we have to do that you can never retire from like housework and yard work but we can choose when or if we want to do it. We don’t need a free weekend anymore to catch up on things we have been putting off. We can’t even tell the difference between weekends and the rest of the week anymore. Actually our life now is just one long weekend and we certainly have no complaints about that!

The goal of Life Of 2 Snowbirds is to show anyone living on a tight budget, especially retirees like ourselves, how we manage to enjoy life’s pleasures on a retirement income. Our hope is that some of our ideas will help you to add travel experiences to your bucket list, find great deals, manage your budget and just enjoy life!

We want to tell you all about our vacations, whether we traveled by plane, train or automobile. And because we live in two vacation areas, North Carolina and Florida, we are fortunate to be able to enjoy staycations. Would the staycation we found in our neck of the woods work for you in your town? Did we find an amazing restaurant on our travels? Did we have something so wonderful to eat there that we tried to replicate the meal? Did we visit family and friends and begged them to share the recipe of the delicious dinner they prepared for us? We would love to share those recipes with you. We’ll share the deals we found along the way and let you know how we tried to be frugal but still have a great experience. And if and when we have spare time, I love crafting. I have made things that come in handy when we are on one of our road trips. I will share all my crafting ideas also.

We hope that you will join us on our journey and we would love it if you would share your ideas and experiences with us along the way!

If you do have any ideas to share or if you just want to send us a friendly hello, please contact us by:
email: lifeof2snowbirds@gmail.com  - or -
Facebook:  http://facebook.com/lifeof2snowbirds

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