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Tuesday, September 26, 2000

Guide To State And National Park Campgrounds - Oklahoma




Oklahoma City East KOA Holiday
Choctaw, OK 73020

Address: 6200 South Choctaw, OK 73020
Our Rating: *****
Cost: $50 per night w/W/E/S (as of Sep. 2023)

+Conveniently located near I-40 for an easy drive to downtown Oklahoma City
+Campsites were pull-thru and had small picnic tables and firepit/grill combo.
+Bathrooms were clean, private, individual, all in one rooms. Water temperature and pressure were good.

+Campground amenities included a playground, store and laundry.

Additional Comments: The staff were friendly and the campground was everything we would expect of a KOA. 

Friday, September 22, 2000

Guide To State And National Park Campgrounds - Kansas



High Plains Camping
Oakley, Kansas

Address: 462 US Highway 83, Oakley, KS 67748
Rating: ***1/2
Cost: $81.20 for 2 nights w/W/E/S, pull thru site (as of Sep. 2023)

+Located 35 minutes from Monument Rocks and Little Jerusalem Badlands State Park
+Campsites did not have fire rings or grills and some didn't have tables. 

+Bathrooms are very old and in need of some TLC. One shower had curtains hung on tiny plastic rollers that were very hard to move and the water was very hot and I couldn't adjust it to cool it down. The shower across from it was better. I didn't have the same problems with it
+Campground amenities included a laundry, store and pizza restaurant. 


Additional Comments: Two pluses for this campground. We had the pizza and it was very good and the sunsets we could see from here were gorgeous!


Guide To State And National Park Campgrounds - New Mexico


Brantley Lake State Park
Carlsbad, New Mexico

Address: 33 E. Brantley Lake Rd., Carlsbad, NM 87045
Our rating: ****1/2

+ Located 45 minutes from Carlsbad Canyons National Park and a little over an hour to Guadalupe Mountains National Park.

+ Each campsite comes with a small covered patio containing a picnic bench and BBQ grill.

+ The bathrooms were being renovated when we camped here.  We actually really liked the private porta showers that were provided during the renovation.

+ Campground and park amenities include a playground, fishing, boating, water skiing and two trails.

Additional Comments:  We did the Lake Loop Trail and were a little disappointed that the loop didn't actually look and we had to turn around and head back to where we started.  It might be cleared by the time you go.



Tuesday, September 19, 2000

Guide To State And National Parks - SD




Sunrise Ridge Campground
Hot Springs, South Dakota

Address: 27288 Wind Cave Rd., Hot Springs, SD 57747
Our Rating: *****
Cost: $123 for 3 nights w/W/E/S (as of Sep 2023)

+Located 6 minutes from Wind Cave NP and 1 hour to Mount Rushmore.
+Campsite was a good size pull-thru site on a rocky pavement with table on grassy area.

+Bathrooms were completely individual with toilet, sink and shower. They were new and very clean. The shower was behind a long wall so the dry area stayed completely dry. Water pressure was good and the water temp stayed warm and consistent.

+Campground amenities included small store that sold fresh eggs, group fire pit with firewood provided.

Additional Comments: We would definitely come back here again if we are ever in this area. The bathrooms were amazing. There were four of them, one handicap accessible. The owner was so friendly and the price for a pull-thru full hook-up can't be beat.

Monday, September 18, 2000

Guide To State And National Park Campgrounds - North Dakota




Medora Campground
Medora, North Dakota

Address: 3370 Pool Dr., Medora, ND 58645
Our Rating: ****1/2
Cost: $162.00 for 3 nights w/W/E/S (as of Sep. 2023)

+Conveniently located 3 minutes from Theodore Roosevelt NP
+Campsites are very tight, pull-thru parking lot style with table and grill.

+Bathrooms are relatively clean, small with three stalls. Showers were individual shower rooms with a bench and plenty of hooks in the dry area.
+Campground amenities include laundry, store, playground, group fire pit and covered wagons to rent.

Additional Comments: Campsites were so tight that if we had someone next to us who wanted to grill, it would have melted our camper. Luckily, we did not have neighbors on either side because we had to use one of the sites to park our car.

Guide To State And National Park Campgrounds - Colorado




Great Sand Dunes Oasis
Mosca, Colorado

Address: 7800 CO-150, Mosca, CO 81146
Our Rating: *****

+Conveniently located 5 minutes from Great Sand Dunes NP
+Campsite was a good size with table, fire ring and grill. Sites were parking lot style.

+Bathrooms were large and clean. Showers had good water pressure and water temperature stayed consistent. No bench but small shelf and one hook.
+Campground amenities included large campground store, restaurant and gas station.

Additional Comments: We really enjoyed our view from our campsite here.

Sunday, September 17, 2000

Guide To State And National Park Campgrounds - Arizona



Holbrook/Petrified Forest KOA Journey
Holbrook, Arizona

Address: 102 Hermosa Dr., Holbrook, AZ 86025
Our Rating: *****
Cost: $62 per night - W/E/S (as of Sep. 2023)

+Located 20 minutes from Petrified Forest NP
+Campsite size was average with table, no grill or fire pit

+Bathrooms were clean. Showers had benches and hooks. The water pressure was ok and the water was hot but the temperature fluctuated and kept having to be adjusted.
+Campground had pool, covered pavilllions with hot plates and sinks that were available for use by campers, cabins, restaurant with all you can eat pancakes for $3.99 and camp store.

Additional Comments: The staff was exceptionally nice and helpful.

Saturday, September 16, 2000

Guide To State And National Park Campgrounds - Alabama


Prarie Creek Park Campground
Lowdesboro, Alabama
(Run by the Army Corps of Engineers)

Address: 582 Prairie Creek Rd., Lowdesboro, AL 36752
Our Rating: ****1/2
Cost: $26 per night with W/E (as of Sep. 2023)

+Located on Woodruff Lake
+Campsites on the water were very big with a nice deck with picnic table, fire ring and grate.


+Bathrooms were only semi-clean and had a broken soap dispenser when we were there. Showers had bench, hooks, hot water and good pressure. There were 2 showers behind a shower curtain that separated them from the toilet area.
+Campground amenities included a playground and a camp host who sold firewood.


Additional Comments: This is a great campground for fishermen like my counsin's husband who came with his boat. They rented a site that had a boat ramp.

Friday, September 15, 2000

Guide To State And National Parks - Minnesota



Rice Creek Chain of Lakes Park
Centerville, Minnesota

Address: 7373 Main St., Centerville, MN 55038
Our Rating: ****1/2
Cost: $144.60 for 3 nights, E/W (as of Sep. 2023)

+Located only 30 minutes from Minneapolis and St. Paul.
+Campsite was huge with a picnic table on a concrete slap and a fire pit.

+Bathrooms were clean but very small. The small bathroom with two stalls had a door that led to an equally small shower room with 2 showers. The shower was long enough that one half stayed dry without a divider. The dry side had a cement bench and 4 hooks.
+Amenities in this park is a playground near the campsites, a beach on Centerville Lake.

Additional Comments: We liked the woodsy, large, private site (10B) we had at this campground.

Thursday, September 14, 2000

Guide To State And National Park Campgrounds - Maryland


Havre de Grace, Maryland

Address: 4122 Wilkinson Road, Havre de Grace, Md. 21078
Our rating: *****
+ Located 3 miles off I-95
+ Campsites are graveled and each site has a fire pit grill and picnic bench.  We appreciated the garbage bag hook and raised cooking table that was also on our site.

+ Bathrooms are clean and showers are private with space for all your personal items.
+ Campground has a playground, trails, boat launch and fishing.  We took advantage of the large dish washing sink near the bathrooms.

Additional comments:  We enjoyed the 7 mile round trip, flat and easy trail that led to the Conowingo Dam.  This was the place to be if you wanted to see, and photograph, bald eagles.  You can get some nice views of the river along the way.

Lower Susquehanna Heritage Greenways Trail


Wednesday, September 13, 2000

Guide To State And National Park Campgronds - Wisconsin


Wyalusing State Park
Bagley, Wisconsin

Address: 13081 State Park Lane, Bagley WI 5380l
Our Rating: ****1/2
Cost: $109 for 3 nights (as of Sep. 2023) E no water

+Campsites were a good size, with picnic table and fire pit but there were a few that were hard to get into due to the one way streets. 

+Bathrooms were clean. The weather report recording was transmitted into the bathrooms 24/7. There were separate shower stalls outside the bathrooms. They were large and had a small bench and two double hooks. 
+The park has several trails, canoe and kayak rental and small store that sells ice and firewood.

Sand Cave Trail

Sugar Maple Nature Trail

Additional Comments: This park was really nice. The trails that we hiked led to amazing sights and were only 5 minutes by car to get to from our campsite. We had to minus a 1/2 star  for the push button shower though and because we had to change sites when we slipped up the hill from our campsite to the road and we didn't even have the trailer attached to the car.

Sunday, September 10, 2000

Guide To State And National Park Campgrounds - North Carolina


Medoc Mountain State Park
Hollister, North Carolina

Address:  1541 Medoc Mountain State Park, Hollister, NC 27844
Our rating:  ****1/2

+ Conveniently located 16 minutes from I-95.
+ Campsites were graveled and large.  Each site had a picnic table and grill.

+ Bathrooms were clean and showers were private with plenty of space for bath essentials.
+ Campground amenities included bathrooms and hot showers.  The park itself has picnic areas and trails which include several hiking trails, bridle trails and mountain bike trails.

3/4 mile, easy
Stream Loop Trail

 + We had to take 1/2 star away from this campground because of the fact that of the 34 campsites here, only 12 have electric and none have water.  We only stayed overnight so we didn't have a problem with running out of water.


Friday, September 8, 2000

Guide To State And National Park Campgrounds - Kentucky


Lucas, KY

Address: 1149 State Park R., Lucas, KY 42156
Our Rating: *****
Cost: RV site w/W/E $26.25 per night

+ Located 45 minutes from Mammoth Cave National Park.
+ Campsites were large and some came with spacious wooden decks and all had W/E and firepits with BBQ grates. W/E/S sites are available.

+ Bathrooms were spotless. Showers had a bench and several hooks for personal items. The shower water warmed up quickly and kept a consistent temperature.
+ Campground amenities included a playground and laundry. The hotel located in the park had a pool that was available to campers. Also in the park was a beach and a golf course.

Additional Comments: The sites are awkwardly placed and makes it a bit confusing when you first pull in. It took us awhile to figure out where our hook-ups were and where we were supposed to park our car. Some water hook-ups were on the opposite side of the electrical boxes and were about 100 feet from the RV pad.


Thursday, September 7, 2000

Guide To State And National Park Campgrounds - Nebraska




Scenic Park Campground
South Sioux City, Nebraska

Address: 801 Riverview Dr., South Sioux City, NE 68776
Cost: (as of 8/2022 - $28 E, $30 W/E, $33 W/E/S)
Our rating: ****

+Located just across the Missouri River from downtown Sioux City, Iowa
+Our campsite had W/E, picnic table, firepit and a view of Sioux City an the Missouri River.

+The small showers near our site were community style with small shared benches and hooks outside the shower stalls. We found a smaller shower room further away with one private shower with hooks and a small bench. The water temperature and pressure was good.

+ Campground amenities included a small store front that sold wood and ice. There was also a paved walking and jogging path that encircled the campground.

Additional Comments: This campground was the closest one we found to downtown Sioux City, Iowa and was just about a 20 minute drive.


Guide To State And National Park Campgrounds - Georgia


Richmond Hill, Georgia

Address: 3894 Ft. McAllister Rd., Richmond Hill, GA 31324
Our Rating: *****

+ Conveniently located 5 minutes from I-95.
+ Campsite was a good size with W/E, no sewer hookups, and included a picnic table and grill.

+ Bathrooms were clean and we have no complaints about the showers.
+ Some campground, and park, amenities include an outdoor gym, playground, gift shop, Civil War museum and film, Earthwork Fort, 4.3 miles of trails and more.

Additional Comments:  There is a charge for the museum and fort.  There is also bike, kayak, canoe and paddle board rentals available.


Jackson, Georgia

Address: 76 High Falls Park Dr., Jackson, Georgia 30233
Our Rating: *****
Cost: (Oct. 2022 rates) $40 per night for a premium (W/E) RV site

+Conveniently located only a few short miles off of I75
+Our campsite was large and included a picnic table, firepit and BBQ

+Bathrooms were clean. Shower water temperature and pressure were good. Each shower stall had a bench and hooks.

+Campground amenities included an outdoor laundry area complete with folding table.

Additional Comments: Park has many amenities including a swimming pool, fishing, playground, kayak rentals and mini golf (fee). If you like glamping in Yurts, this is your campground. There are also some nice trails along the Towaliga River where you can see the falls. We didn't have time to hike here, but we did take a short walk to the falls of the dam.



McDonough, Georgia

Address: 281 Mt. Olive Rd, McDonough, Georgia 30253
Our Rating: *****
Cost: (Aug. 2022 rates) $55 per night for RV site (W/E/S - all pull thru sites) 

+Located right off I75
+Narrow site with table and firepit but no grill

+Bathrooms are clean, new tile and airconditioned. The shower stall had lots of hooks but not bench. Water temperature and pressure were good. The handicap shower did not get too hot.

+Campground amenities included a pool, playground and small store. 

Additional comments: They are currently in the middle of renovating the campground to include a dog run, horseshoes, cornhole and gazebo w/BBQ 


Stone Mountain, GA

Address: 4003 Stonewall Jackson Dr., Stone Mountain, GA 30083
Our Rating: *****
Cost: (Sept. 2021 rates) $44-65 for RV sites depending on amenities included 

+ Located on property of Stone Mountain amusement park and only 30 minutes from Atlanta.
+ Our small site was in the least expensive category and included W/E, WiFi, picnic table, grill and fire pit.

+ Bathrooms were clean and had several toilet stalls and sinks. The shower was small and there was no private bench in the stalls although there was one community bench in the bathroom itself. There were three hooks for hanging clothes and towels. The water warmed up quickly and pressure was good.

+ Campground and park amenities includes a pool, playground, general store and laundry room.

Additional Comments: There were several trails in the park with great views of the Stone Mountain River. Also, driving over the short 100 year old wooden bridge was a must-do here.

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