Monday, January 13, 2020

Dublin, Ireland - Visiting The Guinness Storehouse And More

For Day 3 of our unforgettable vacation in Ireland, we planned a road trip to Dublin.  We had a number of reasons why we wanted to visit the capital and largest city in Ireland, but the number one reason the hubbies had for wanting to travel three hours from our cottage in Doolin, was because the Guinness Storehouse would be the reward when we finally got there.

When we got to Dublin, we headed straight for the Guinness Storehouse and parked in their parking lot.  We were able to leave our rental there for the day and walk to everything else we had on our "to do in Dublin list."

We entered the storehouse across the street and used a kiosk to purchase our tickets which entitled us to the tour and a free pint of Guinness.  We were surprised to find out that the receipt we got for buying our tickets also had a coupon for a free pint!

Once inside the building, we started our self-guided tour and, learned all about the history and the brewing of Ireland's most iconic beer.

The many interactive and hands-on displays made the tour very interesting and fun.

We spent about 2 hours exploring all 7 floors of the storehouse.

We were all excited when we got to the floor with the tasting rooms, especially JT!

We were even more excited when we reached the Gravity Bar on the top floor where we all traded in our coupons for a refreshing pint of Guinness.  Guinness tastes different in Ireland.  I never liked the taste of the beer the few times I've had a sip or two, but I really liked it when we had it here.

After our pints we were off to see our friend's daughter who was attending college in Dublin.  Mako, who lives in Japan, contacted us when she found out we would be in Ireland at the same time as her.  We made plans to meet her for lunch.

She picked out the pub, The Brazen Head, when we told her we wanted to eat traditional Irish fare.


I had the Honey Mustard Glazed Bacon & Cabbage which I knew by now, that I wouldn't see any  bacon on my plate, I would see ham.  Soko had the Beef & Guinness Stew.  Both of our meals were delicious.  We enjoyed the atmosphere of the pub and especially enjoyed the company.  We agreed that Mako made an excellent choice when she picked this place.

After lunch, Mako and her friend, Kohei, led the way when we told them we wanted to see the Temple Bar...

and the Ha'penny Bridge.

We wanted to do Rick Steves' recommended O'Connell Street Stroll with Mako and Kohei but it started to rain and we had to get back to the Guinness parking lot, anyway, before it closed at 7:00 pm.   I was able to snap a quick picture of the Daniel O'Connell Statue (with a bird sitting on his head!) and then we headed back.  

We had a little bit of time to peek our heads into a couple of stores and stop to take pictures in front of a couple of Dublin's gorgeous churches on our way back.

Christ Church Cathedral

Saint Catherine's Church 
(Had to take a picture here when I saw the name of the church!)

We got back to the Guinness Storehouse with enough time to run up (we actually took the elevator to the 7th floor this time!) to the Gravity Bar to have one more Guinness, enjoy the panoramic view of a beautiful Dublin evening and take one more picture...

It took a few sips, but got a half-way decent picture of Sandie with her beer moustache, because that's what you do when you're drinking a Guinness in Ireland!


  1. Thanks for the tour! Rick Steves couldn't have done better! Your post really called to me because just last week I posted my Guinness Beef Stew. My photo shows it with two dumplings on top, but when I served it to guests the first night I served it with BOTH mashed potatoes AND dumplings--triple comfort! Happy to see your pub served it with mashed potatoes instead of having potatoes in the stew.

    1. I definitely have to pin your recipe. It sounds delicious! What a great idea to serve your stew with both potatoes and dumplings! Yum!!

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