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Monday, October 5, 2020

Dingle, Ireland And Dingle Peninsula Loop


Day 4 of our Ireland vacation brought us to Dingle which was 3 hours south of Doolin where me, Soko, my sister Sandie and BIL JT were staying for the week.  The weather we experienced in the Dingle Peninsula was what I had expected the weather would be like in February in Ireland.  It was cold, damp, rainy and windy.  But we couldn't complain because the weather was mostly sunny and dry every other day we spent in this beautiful country which was unexpected and definitely appreciated. 

The first stop on our itinerary for the day here was lunch at John Benny's Pub in the small port town of Dingle.  After our long trip to get here, we were ready to enjoy a delicious traditional Irish meal.  

We were all in the mood for fish and chips especially after Sandie told us she heard they were not to be missed at John Benny's Pub.  We were not disappointed.

After lunch, we planned to walk around town a bit and pop into some of the cute shops.  We must have walked one block when the wind and the rain destroyed our umbrellas and beat us up so bad that we decided to scratch this part of the plan off our list and move onto our self-guided, 30 mile tour of the Dingle Peninsula.   Besides for jumping out to take pictures, we would be safe from the elements as we toured this gorgeous part of Ireland in our rental car.

The first picture we ran out of the car to take was of the Stone House.  The restaurant was closed but we only stopped here to see the building.  Rick Steves, travel writer, described it as "a new building but built to blend in the with landscape and the region's ancient rock-slab architecture."

All the buildings here seemed to fit into the surroundings as perfectly as the Stone House did.

The dramatic coastline was the highlight here though.  It was truly unbelievable and would have been even more breathtaking if not for the rain and fog.  But, maybe without the wind, we would not have been treated to the almost deafening sound of the waves crashing on the sides of the cliffs.

Me and Sandie had been looking for the best place for us to take a picture with the many sheep we saw all over Ireland and found it here.  We wouldn't have been surprised that this would be the place to finally take this picture if we would have known beforehand that the peninsula is home to 500,000 sheep.

This was one of the last pictures I wanted to get out of the car for which meant that I missed seeing the beehive huts (clochans) when Sandie and JT ran up the hill to see them.  Not long after that we got off Slea Head Drive and abandoned our tour because the weather finally won the fight.  It's fine though because this just gives us a good excuse to come visit Dingle again one day!